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Live Arts Dance

Live Arts: Dance

Live Arts Dance competitions are led by Jacqueline Harper of Margaret Morris Movement International.


2024 Dance Competitions

The next competition will take place on Saturday 9th, Sunday 10th and Saturday 16th, Sunday 17th March 2024.

Dance was first added to Wenlock Olympian Games live arts festival in 2012 by Jacqueline, and since then, each year it has increased in numbers of participants as well as attracting more dancing schools. 

The competitions will take place on four days over two weekends and entries are invited from dancers aged 18 years and under in four age sections (in school years):

       Primary: nursery up to year 2
       Junior: years 3 to 6
       Intermediate: years 7 to 9
       Senior: years 10 to 13

Both male and female dancers are warmly invited to compete in solo, duet, trio, quartet, and group categories.

The genres are:
       classical Greek
       song & dance

How to enter

For reasons of GDPR and Safeguarding we are requesting hard copies of all entry forms this year. We are looking at secure electronic options for 2025

Please click the relevant link below to download the competition schedule and entry form.

      Live Arts Dance Schedule 2024

      Live Arts Dance Entry Form 2024

Results 2023

Download 2023 Live Arts 2023 Dance Results