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Wenlock Olympian Trail

Follow in the footsteps of William Penny Brookes…

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The town of Much Wenlock has a long history dating back to 690 AD when a monastery was founded on the site of Wenlock Priory. It is because of a Victorian gentleman however, that the town can boast of its associations with the modern Olympics.

Wenlock Olympian Trail Leaflet - clicl to download

Dr. William Penny Brookes campaigned tirelessly for the revival of the ancient Greek games. For those wishing to delve deeper into this remarkable story there is now a designated walk around the town.

Wenlock Olympian Society has produced two leaflets one aimed at adults – The Olympian Trail – and one for children – A Children’s Olympian Trail Challenge.  The children’s challenge sets observational puzzles along the trail and includes a ‘peel off medal’.

The Wenlock Olympian Trail starts and ends at Much Wenlock Museum in the Square at the end of the High Street. In the museum a magnificent collection of Wenlock Olympian Society artefacts are on display illustrating the significant role of Much Wenlock in the revival of the Modern Olympic Games. The Trail will take you past some of the sites in the town which are special to the Wenlock Olympian

Total walk length is approximately 2150 metres (1.3 miles)

Both the ‘The Olympian Trail’ and ‘A Children’s Olympian Trail Challenge’ leaflets are available from Much Wenlock Museum, The Guildhall and Wenlock Tourist Information Centre. You can also view a large version of the map on the wall outside Much Wenlock Museum.

Throughout the trail you will encounter information boards giving you more background on Dr Brookes and the Games.

Parts of the Trail have limited access – please see Guide and Map. Walkers are advised that they follow the Trail at their own risk. The route crosses roads, footpaths, fields and steps.