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The Wenlock Olympian Society wishes its story and that of its founder, William Penny Brookes, to be as widely known and understood as possible, especially by the younger generation.

Where possible support is offered to school parties and other groups looking to tour the town of Much Wenlock and explore its Olympic connections.

If feasible a visit can be arranged to individual schools or organisations to give a presentation about Wenlock Olympian Society and the work of William Penny Brookes.

WOS has worked with the Universities of the West Midlands Sport Theme Group to develop educational material for use in schools and elsewhere.

Extracts from the teachers resource pack can be downloaded by clicking the links below.

If you wish further information, are planning a visit, have any suggestions or would like to share your work on WOS and Brookes please contact us at

Teacher Resources

Mind Map

William Penny Brookes as a context for learning in the curriculum.

Download Mind Map

Curriculum Planning Documents

History Year 2
Famous People and Events
( William Penny Brookes and the Olympic Games)

History year 3-6
Famous People and Events
(William Penny Brookes and the Olympic Games)

Download Planning Documents

Worksheets related to William Penny Brookes and the Olympian Games

Download the Worksheets

WOS Books for children

“The Games Doctor”

A book aimed at children aged between 5 and 7, it links the childrens’  own experiences to the story of the Wenlock Olympian Games.

Download The Games Doctor

“The Olympian Dream”

A book aimed at older children telling the story of the life of Brookes and the development of the Wenlock Olympian Games.

Download The Olympian Dream

Copies of “The Olympian Dream” can be purchased for £5.99 by contacting info@wenlock-olympian-society.org.uk.

How to hold a Wenlock Olympian Games at your school or where you live

A series of cards that tell the story of the different parts that make  up a successful Wenlock Olympian Games and a series of questions to help you copy these Games where you are.

What sporting and arts events will there be?

What prizes will you give?

What will your medals look like?

Will you have a procession to start your Games?

By the end you will be ready to hold an Olympian Games like those  started by William Penny Brookes in Much Wenlock.

Download the cards