Junior Biathlon

Wenlock Olympian Games HockeyYounger competitors (school years 5, 6 and 7) swim 50m and run 500m. Older competitors (school years 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12/13) swim 100m and run 1000m. Any school having three entries in a single age group will automatically be entered into the team event. The top three scores are added together and the team with the overall top score wins.

Unlike the Triathlon, competitors do not go directly from one event to the other. Instead competitors have plenty of time to change, take a breath and have a drink or even a bite to eat between the two events. The emphasis is on fun and enjoyment.




The results of the three competitions can be found via the following links:
Girls Team 2017
Girls Individual 2017
Boys Individual 2017


Swimming Pool & Athletics Track
Much Wenlock Leisure Centre, TF13 6JE


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Please click on the links below to download results

2011 results junior biathlon
2011 results junior biathlon girls
2012 results biathlon boys
2012-results biathlon boys team
2012 results biathlon girls
2014 results biathlon boys team
2014 results biathlon girls team
2015 results biathlon boys team
2015 results biathlon girls team

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