Wenlock Olympian Games Archery

This year’s archery event will again be hosted by Bowbrook Archers and take place at their field at Withington, Nr. Shrewsbury.  Competitions will be Western: 4 dozen @ 60 yds + 4 dozen @ 50 yds. No other distances will be shot. Bow Styles – compound, recurve freestyle, barebow, longbow, AFB & Traditional.

Due to space restrictions we are not able to offer the shorter junior distances. Juniors (under 18) are welcome to take part but have to shoot the senior distance (60/50 yards).

Wenlock Olympian medals are awarded for compound, recurve, barebow, longbow and traditional depending on the number of entries in each class. In addition medals are awarded for the best performance by both junior and senior novice.

All archers must be members of Grand National Archery Society (GNAS), archery’s UK governing body for the sport of archery; and Archery GB, archery’s governing body in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. International archers are requested to contact the organiser regarding accreditation.

The event is registered as a National Record Status event which means that competitors can set or break National records.


Further details are available on the entry from which can be downloaded here: Archery 2019 Entry Form.


Bowbrook Archers secretary at


Bowbrook Archers Ranges
Nr Shrewsbury

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