2016 Golf Results

The results of the competition were:

Gold: 119 points: Derek Wheatley, Bob Jones, Bill Hart, Allan Coates
Silver: 114 points: John Gould, Chris Shipley, Ian Belton, Colin Walker
Bronze: 111 points: Malcolm Bowen, Michael Oliver, Mel Holdnall, Alan Gilhooley


Gold: 112 points: Carol Bailey, Shirley Matthews, Sybil Taylor, Ann James
Silver: 110 points: Jenny Cousins, Beryl Baker, Val Holdnall, Dorothy White
Bronze: 106 points: Jane Edwards, Chris Nash, Gill Ferguson, Marion Adams


Gold: 121 points: Paulette Morris, William Morris, Sally Weaver, Will Weaver
Silver: 112 points: Rod Lumley, Kim Lumley, Terry Capewell, Tina Bianco
Bronze: 109 points: Mel Gilhooley, Cathy Gray, Tony Whitehouse, Ross Whitehouse

Golfer of the Tournament
39 points: Sybil Taylor, South Staffs GC

Highly Commended
39 points: Tina Bianco, Enville GC

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