2020 Writing Competition

The Wenlock Olympian Society is pleased to announce, in collaboration with the Much Wenlock & District U3A ‘Writers on the Edge’, for the first time and as a response to the coronavirus lockdown, a

 Flash Fiction Competition


The  Flash Fiction closed to entries on 31st October. The competition received 73 entries from as far afield as Australia and the United States of America.  The entries were divided into sets of fifteen and distributed to volunteer readers who identified their top three.  Each entry was read by at least two and, in some cases, three readers.  Everyone of these top three entries were then read by three members of the Much Wenlock and District U3A ‘Writers on the Edge’ group who eventually agreed on a long list of fifteen entries.  These are titled (in order of the entry number):

  • A Race Worth Winning – story number 04
  • Five Rings – 13
  • Winning – 15
  • All that is Gold does not Glitter – 34
  • Worth – 36
  • Winning – 38
  • Five Gold Rings – 41
  • Gold is Only a Colour: Colour is Only a State of Mind – 42
  • The Tabletop – 48
  • Golden Girl – 52
  • Whistles and Clicks – 55
  • Tissue – 56
  • The Portrait of Aphra Luscombe- 60
  • As Quiet as a Little Mouse – 63
  • Gold Shoes, Wrong Feet – 70

The ‘Writers on the Edge’ group will next whittle down the long list to a short list of 6 entries.  These will be passed to the competition’s judge, Sharon Bolton, within the next two weeks. Sharon will identify the gold, silver and bronze medalists.

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