1. The Wenlock Olympian Society is a company limited by guarantee. Company number: 9838774
  2. Company address: The Corn Exchange, Much Wenlock, Shropshire
  1. Company directors:
  • Nick Martin– Company Secretary
  • Alan Edwards – Treasurer
  • Mac Bardsley – PR and current Chairman
  • Helen Cromarty
  • Jordan Spilsbury
  1. Company objectives:4.1 The provision of facilities for such form of physical exercise, recreation and other cultural activities as will create and improve social amenities, mutual helpfulness and mental and moral standards in accordance with the original conception of the Society founded by Dr. William Penny Brookes in the year 1850.4.2 In perpetuation of the Wenlock Olympian Games, the Society shall, as long as it is in existence, organise Olympian Games Note (i) to be held in the vicinity of Much Wenlock at least once every year.4.3 In order to educate and promote its heritage the Society will preserve an archive to be used to support sporting, artistic, cultural and educational activities.
  1. The Company Articles of Association can be found here: Articles of Association
  1. The Company’s website is:


  1. The Company’s Facebook page is:



(i) In this context the term ‘Games’ includes both Sport and Art activities

September 2016

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